Friday, May 28, 2010

Barranquila Carnival

Fourty days before holy week, Barranquilla, capital of Atlantico Department, decks itself out for four revived nationals and foreign tourists who, attracted by the fame of this festival, join together with the city's inhabitants to enjoy four days of the country's most important folklore celebration. During this period, the carnival queen presides over the different festivities until Tuesday, when the symbolic burial of Joselito Carnaval brings the celebration to the end and announces the preparation for the next year's carnival.

Baranquilla's inhabitants, irrespective of race or creed, join together to make the carnival. For them, the most important thing is to dance and enjoy themselves for four days, and then prepare for the following years of celebrations.

The history has been passed from fathers to sons to keep their roots from being lost i nthe mists of time. It is said that the Spaniards brought with them the tradition of celebrating the European Carnival. The slaves in Barranquilla combined with their own traditions, taking to the streets, dressed in typical costumes, singing, dancing, and playing their instruments.

- By Liliana Auza
Kelly Zirker's level 2 writing class


  1. It is so funny.I want to join the festival .
    I like about singing, dancing, playing their instruments and dressing.If I have oppotunity , I will celebrate about the festival.

  2. Sound intersting. I would like to know what type of activities do? Is similar to Brazil' carnaval?


  3. Sound great this festival,Lily when do you invite us to visit your country?