Friday, May 28, 2010

JeJu Island

Jeju Island is the most popular island in South Korea. Sometimes I went to JeJu to visit with my friends from school; that was so fun because it was like camping. When I was a child, I went to JeJu with my family, grandfather, and grandmother to play. My grandfather had a house in JeJu, but he lived in Songdo. We swam at the beach around the island and caught some crabs, fish and marine organisms. This island was an ancient jailhouse for misdemeanors. Now this island is one of dhe most visited islands in South Korea. This island is interesting because a native person spoke a little different language.

As I can see, that island was very close to the sea, but Utah is so far. When I went to the pet store in Utah, I saw pet crabs for three dollars. I didn't understand because in Korea we got crabs and frogs for free, and my friend was so surprise dbecause in Korea we can catch crabs and shrimp. JeJu island is also different from Korea because JeJu has many horses, but in Korea there are very few horses. When I went to JeJu, I tried to ride some horses. I love horses, so I want to ride a horse in Utah. I told to me friend this, so probably we will ride horses somday. JeJu has a big mountain called Halla. Compared to Utah, the mountain is so little, but Halla has many trees and lflowers. As far as I'm conserned, JeJu looks like Utah because JeJe has a lot of people and few buildings, but in Korea there are a lot of buildings.

If you want to visit a tourist attraction, you should come to JeJu.

-By Do Young Ro (Daniel)
Kelly Zirker's level 2 writing class


  1. Awesome!! I love the JeJu Island. The best Island In Korea and the Biggest. When I went there, I wanted to live there.There are a lot of sea food restourants and inexpensive.If I have enough time, I am going to go to the Jeju again.

  2. Nice place to go. I love nature.


  3. I think Jeju Island is spectacular and beautiful according to your description. Maybe one day I will visit the place. I love horses too. I see some beautiful horses in the outskirts of the cities here when I drive around. Probably you can ride some horses in a ranch here.

  4. Good I have never been there so if i come back Korea, i want to go there.

    - Dalki Kim

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