Monday, June 28, 2010

My Country Haiti

Haiti is located in the Caribbean. It’s a tropical country. There are several good things that you can find in Haiti. I will explain to you in the following lines the best things using these categories. First off, we have a good Climate because it’s always sunny and warm all year. Except in December and January the weather cools off a little and it rains quite a bit in May. All the time you can wear light clothing. There are beautiful beaches; for example, ‘Labadie Beach, Port-Salut beach’ etc. Every weekend, the family, teenagers, anybody can go there and relax. Secondly, there are “ Haitians Customs”; the Haitians are very generous and welcoming among, themselves and with others for instance if a family has three children, when the oldest one finishes school and gets a job, their parents are unable to support the other children and provide for them a good education ; the oldest takes over. When the other ones are done, they do the same thing for the other family members, such as cousins, nephews, etc. The Haitians like to help them pursue their career and then it goes on and on. Even if they never go to school and do any job, they still do the same things. The Haitians like to share with strangers as well, when they need help. Finally, Haiti produces “Vetiver” and “Sugar cane”. With the sugar cane they can have other product such as brown sugar and alcohol; with the vetiver they can have energy for airplanes and perfume as well.

-By Rones Saint Louis
Writing Level 2

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

My Vacation

Last summer, I had a vacation that it was very exciting. As soon as I finished the first semester on my university, I thought about vacation. I had a vacation several times but the travel was very boring, so I wanted to have a vacation in a novel way.

I asked my neighborhood about a new way of vacationing. They suggested some advice to me. First, if you want to vacation, you must go with other people because a vacation is very dangerous to travel alone. Second, you ought to decide on the type of transportation. For example, will you take a bicycle, car, train or walk. Last of all, if you don’t want to forget it for your life, it must be very difficult, and it needs some risks.

So I accepted their advice and began to plan trips. First, I decided to ride by Bicycle because I wanted to go to any place where I could have some risks. Second, I decided to go with my friend. Last, I decided to travel on a coast road because my country is surrounded by three oceans, so has a many coast road.
In the end, I prepared my vacation. That travel was very exciting, had some risks, and I got a lot of experience. When I come back my country, I want to build other travel plans because the last trip was so fun;, I always think about that trip. If you don’t want to forget the travel for your life, you ought to make special plans.

-By Dalki Kim
Writing Level 2

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Running to Catch the Bus

I was serving a mission in the city of three hearts in Brazil. This was the city that I had more embarrassing moments in my life. I remember that day we had many people to visit during the day and at night we had to go to the home of a church member. After finishing the night, we looked at the clock and saw that we were going to miss the last bus. We left the house of our friends, ran, climbed a hill, and arrived at the corner. We could see five dogs running behind us; the dogs barked a lot. However, we were very afraid of being bitten and continued to run. My companion shouted to a man who was at the bus stop to talk to the driver and wait for us. We were almost on th ebus when the handle of my water bottle broke, but it did not stop me from continuing to run. My companion had a bottle of water and it hit the ground and burst, soaking her and me. We looked towards the bus and saw that the driver did not expect us. However, we continued to run to catch the bus at the next point. Finally, we arrived at the other stop and we entered the bus and run inside because of the dogs that were still chasing us. But the worst of everything was it was difficult having to hear the driver saying "we liked how you ran." He was watching us all the time chasing the bus! My partner and I laughed a lot and learned to pay attention to the time to not miss the last bus.

-By Geida Martins
Writing Level 2

Monday, June 21, 2010

Commentary on "You know what is happening with our children?"

I know that this commentary is a great cry for our attention. It is true that our children and young people spent a lot of time playing videos game, watching TV, and on the Internet, and this brings problems such as childhood obesity, lack of sociability, depression, etc., but we can change the future of our children.

To change the future of our children, we must understand the following. First, we live in a cruel society that promotes bad habits, and this is fed by the media. The media bombards us with consumer advertising, and they say it is right or wrong. Second, we don’t seize opportunities to be with our children and teach them correct principles.Third, some parents do not spend time talking with our children about our experiences and those of their ancestors. Finally, we often are too tired to put into practice our desires so we will not continue what we started. To change this I suggest the following. First, we must decide how we want to live, and how we will raise our children, but we must understand that these decisions directly affect them. For example, we decide if they spend time playing video games, which can lead to inactivity and obesity. We need to remember that obesity not only causes health problems, it also brings problems of low self-esteem, teasing and abuse by other children. Second, we need to find opportunities to play, do activities together outside or inside with them, and we must seize opportunities to teach correct principles. The teaching shouldn’t be mandatory only for the children, but parents should teach by example. The home is not a military barracks. Third, we must tell our children our good and bad experiences that contain principles that could serve as a guide. From my experience, you never forget a well told story. This allows children to understand that their parents are also like them. Finally, we must have courage and persistence to practice our desires and later continue with them. For me, this is the most difficult part; we can have this discipline gradually if we really strive. 

In conclusion, we can change the future of our children with love and persistence. It is not easy, but it is good for us and our children. The change is in our hands, and we decide what we do. It is very difficult, but it is worth the price.

 -By Alvaro Hidalgo
Writing Level 2           

My Birthday

My birthday will linger long in my memory because my mother came to celebrate.

    First, my mother came in America we saw the sights of in America. We saw the West side of America like Disney Land, the Grand Canyon, Sea World, Las Vegas, etc. My mother and I had never gone to the west side of America except UT, so we were excited. Disney Land is very huge amusement park, so I didn’t look all around. This way and that and there and there are a lot of families because, it has many rides for children. Next we saw the Grand Canyon, which is one of the natural wonders of the world and the rocky gorge is very huge, then I took a small plane over the canyon, and I was charmed by the beautiful scene. Next, I went to Sea World which is famous for Shamu. There are also many marine animals there. When I watched the Shamu show, I was surprised because Shamu is pretty big. After that, we went to Las Vegas. We played at the casino. There were a lot of drunken people and many curious people. I thought, UT is safet than Las Vegas. Finally, we went to Bryce Canyon. I think, the best national park is Bryce Canyon. It has ve a more harmonious atmosphere than the Grand Canyon. After that, we saw the sights of America west, then I came back to my home on my birthday. Many Korean people visited to celebrate birthday and friends made cheese cake for me. I had the happiest time. I received pretty big present from my friends and mother.

Therefore, I can’t forget this event in my life and I want to thank for my parents and my friends.

-By Goeun Choi
Writing Level 2

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Student life without a job

I was happy when I came to Utah Valley University because I thought it will be easy for me to get a job, so I can be paying my tuition myself, live a good life. But it seems like this dream never comes true. I have been looking for a job everywhere on campus, asking friends every day but still cannot get help. Sometimes I ask myself why this and cannot still get the answer. So may questions have come to me, sometimes I think maybe because I am from Africa or maybe don’t speak English well. But I still don’t know why I can’t get a job on campus or elsewhere. Sometimes I am mad at myself and think something else I couldn’t think about before. That is why I am taking ESL so that I can improve my English. Life is not easy in Utah, especially when you cannot speak English or when you are an international student. I think this school should do something to help international students or give them jobs instead of giving jobs to citizens when they can work off campus. Please don’t get me wrong; I am writing about what I feel in my heart, and I believe it’s not me only who feels the same way. English is a hard language, but I believe I can do it though English as a Second Language, and as I love my teachers, they will help me some day. 

-By Arielle Nguwa
Writing Level 2

Monday, June 14, 2010

My Best Friend

My best friend's name is Ceceg. She is smart and beautiful. She has nice white teeth, long brown hair and big black eyes. I like her smile. When I was in high school, I met my friend first time.We were a friend since 1973. Ceceg was good at math when she was high school. She is smart because she was teacher for us. I remember when she was teaching math, my teacher sat down behind desk. Also, she likes sport. We played tennis and basketball together. After she finished school, she decided study at Russain's University in Moscow.

Ceceg is an engineer now. She has married, but her husband died last year from a car accident. She has three girls and one boy. Her kids grew up in Mongolia, so they helped her. She has been living in Mongolia with parents and her kids. I talk to her once or twice a month. Also, she likes to cook. She has been playing tennis since in 1980. Now she is working in the office.Finally, I am proud of my friend, and I miss her. I hope we'll meet soon then have a fun and happy time.

-By Oyunchimeg Dogmid
Writing level 2

El Museo de Oro- The Gold Museum of Colombia

Colombia ( Bogota) has one of the most beautiful and complete gold art exhibitions in the world. It’s set up of about 36,000 pieces of pure gold from the pre-hispanic colonization in the American Continent at the discovery by Christophorus Colombus in 1492.

The local indians that used to live in this area were very well skilled in working in particular gold, and emeralds. It was so abundant that they made even gold hooks for fishing. Gold was very popular and easy to get those days. The first Spaniards that conquered our territory were simply amazed of the great wealth that they found. And they were very welcomed by the Indians.

As we all know, the outcome was a complete disaster for the local people. Destruction of the Indian population as a result of vandalism, ransack, murder, rape, etc. All this treasure ended up in Spain for the King and Queen. Luckily, part of this treasures were hidden and buried by the Indians.

The first people didn’t appreciate the art very much, and they melted all this gold pieces for it’s weight in the market. Then, other people with better education and better intentions started to collect it.  Finally, in 1939, the government took over and started collecting and protecting the new discoveries. This was then when the Gold Museum was born.

It became a must place to visit in Colombia. Lots and lots of tourists visit the museum all the time, to admire such a great culture and knowledge for art.  

-By Isabel Castro
Writing level 2

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Write something that remains

My father was born and raised in the countryside. In that time, boys were engaged in work, not study. Already large and providing military service was when my father could learn to read and write well. At that time, he met a man who watched his interest in learning and gave some advice to my father and said "every day write a little something, write so that something good stays." My dad finished his high school, and being married with children, he entered college to study law. 

Today my father is a lawyer in addition to a writer. I remember when I left high school and I started college, my father told me that I should write something good that would remain, but at that time, I was very dedicated to art and crafts, and there was no time to write. 

Now I'm studying English and I write often, either what's on my mind or these wise words, and I try to write not only to express any opinion or emotion, but also to explain a topic. I wish I could leave a nice, positive message to those who read it. And believe it; I discovered that I can be a creative writer. It is not easy, but it's possible. In conclusion, when you have time, write anything, even only three lines so that something good can stay.

-By Wilma Medina
Kelly Zirker's level 2 writing class

The Secret

Toward the end of 2004, Rhonda Byrne discovered a great secret; the hidden laws and principles of the universe.  Rhonda’s daughter gave her an old book.  This book helped the author, Rhonda, glimpse "The Secret".  What continued was a two month odyssey of investigation.  She incorporated almost every religion and field of the human achievement to compile and to create the book of "The Secret." 

I like the book “The Secret" because in it I find many interesting things that can help us overcome many of the afflictions we find in life.  The book “The Secret” contains the natural law of the universe that governs life on earth.  When it’s applied, we can change many aspects of our lives.  With this knowledge, we can experience the secret to obtain prosperity, health, relationships and happiness.  Here we find many examples of important people who at some time achieved big things when applying this powerful law.  We can see that, without exception, each human being has the ability to transform some weakness or suffering into strength, peace, health and abundance.  “The Secret” includes the main idea that we create our lives, with each thought every minute of every day.

In conclusion, I will finish with this thought.  The Secret is one of the most interesting books that I have known.  It can help us to overcome difficult moments in our lives.  I think that the Creator of life made life perfect.  Once you read this book, you will discover that life itself is perfect.  Then you will discover the tools of how to be successful.  You will know “The Secret.”

-By Erica Barker
 Kelly Zirker's Writing Level 2 Class

Friday, May 28, 2010

JeJu Island

Jeju Island is the most popular island in South Korea. Sometimes I went to JeJu to visit with my friends from school; that was so fun because it was like camping. When I was a child, I went to JeJu with my family, grandfather, and grandmother to play. My grandfather had a house in JeJu, but he lived in Songdo. We swam at the beach around the island and caught some crabs, fish and marine organisms. This island was an ancient jailhouse for misdemeanors. Now this island is one of dhe most visited islands in South Korea. This island is interesting because a native person spoke a little different language.

As I can see, that island was very close to the sea, but Utah is so far. When I went to the pet store in Utah, I saw pet crabs for three dollars. I didn't understand because in Korea we got crabs and frogs for free, and my friend was so surprise dbecause in Korea we can catch crabs and shrimp. JeJu island is also different from Korea because JeJu has many horses, but in Korea there are very few horses. When I went to JeJu, I tried to ride some horses. I love horses, so I want to ride a horse in Utah. I told to me friend this, so probably we will ride horses somday. JeJu has a big mountain called Halla. Compared to Utah, the mountain is so little, but Halla has many trees and lflowers. As far as I'm conserned, JeJu looks like Utah because JeJe has a lot of people and few buildings, but in Korea there are a lot of buildings.

If you want to visit a tourist attraction, you should come to JeJu.

-By Do Young Ro (Daniel)
Kelly Zirker's level 2 writing class

Barranquila Carnival

Fourty days before holy week, Barranquilla, capital of Atlantico Department, decks itself out for four revived nationals and foreign tourists who, attracted by the fame of this festival, join together with the city's inhabitants to enjoy four days of the country's most important folklore celebration. During this period, the carnival queen presides over the different festivities until Tuesday, when the symbolic burial of Joselito Carnaval brings the celebration to the end and announces the preparation for the next year's carnival.

Baranquilla's inhabitants, irrespective of race or creed, join together to make the carnival. For them, the most important thing is to dance and enjoy themselves for four days, and then prepare for the following years of celebrations.

The history has been passed from fathers to sons to keep their roots from being lost i nthe mists of time. It is said that the Spaniards brought with them the tradition of celebrating the European Carnival. The slaves in Barranquilla combined with their own traditions, taking to the streets, dressed in typical costumes, singing, dancing, and playing their instruments.

- By Liliana Auza
Kelly Zirker's level 2 writing class