Monday, June 21, 2010

Commentary on "You know what is happening with our children?"

I know that this commentary is a great cry for our attention. It is true that our children and young people spent a lot of time playing videos game, watching TV, and on the Internet, and this brings problems such as childhood obesity, lack of sociability, depression, etc., but we can change the future of our children.

To change the future of our children, we must understand the following. First, we live in a cruel society that promotes bad habits, and this is fed by the media. The media bombards us with consumer advertising, and they say it is right or wrong. Second, we don’t seize opportunities to be with our children and teach them correct principles.Third, some parents do not spend time talking with our children about our experiences and those of their ancestors. Finally, we often are too tired to put into practice our desires so we will not continue what we started. To change this I suggest the following. First, we must decide how we want to live, and how we will raise our children, but we must understand that these decisions directly affect them. For example, we decide if they spend time playing video games, which can lead to inactivity and obesity. We need to remember that obesity not only causes health problems, it also brings problems of low self-esteem, teasing and abuse by other children. Second, we need to find opportunities to play, do activities together outside or inside with them, and we must seize opportunities to teach correct principles. The teaching shouldn’t be mandatory only for the children, but parents should teach by example. The home is not a military barracks. Third, we must tell our children our good and bad experiences that contain principles that could serve as a guide. From my experience, you never forget a well told story. This allows children to understand that their parents are also like them. Finally, we must have courage and persistence to practice our desires and later continue with them. For me, this is the most difficult part; we can have this discipline gradually if we really strive. 

In conclusion, we can change the future of our children with love and persistence. It is not easy, but it is good for us and our children. The change is in our hands, and we decide what we do. It is very difficult, but it is worth the price.

 -By Alvaro Hidalgo
Writing Level 2           


  1. This topic is interesting because to bring a child into word is a desicion that we should take wiht love and madurity, and we should bring up and educate our children with love and patience. Is important be parents and friends; share many of their activities,and prepare them for adult life.

  2. It is a very real problem that we have with our children and I agree that we must and can do something to change the situation.