Monday, June 21, 2010

My Birthday

My birthday will linger long in my memory because my mother came to celebrate.

    First, my mother came in America we saw the sights of in America. We saw the West side of America like Disney Land, the Grand Canyon, Sea World, Las Vegas, etc. My mother and I had never gone to the west side of America except UT, so we were excited. Disney Land is very huge amusement park, so I didn’t look all around. This way and that and there and there are a lot of families because, it has many rides for children. Next we saw the Grand Canyon, which is one of the natural wonders of the world and the rocky gorge is very huge, then I took a small plane over the canyon, and I was charmed by the beautiful scene. Next, I went to Sea World which is famous for Shamu. There are also many marine animals there. When I watched the Shamu show, I was surprised because Shamu is pretty big. After that, we went to Las Vegas. We played at the casino. There were a lot of drunken people and many curious people. I thought, UT is safet than Las Vegas. Finally, we went to Bryce Canyon. I think, the best national park is Bryce Canyon. It has ve a more harmonious atmosphere than the Grand Canyon. After that, we saw the sights of America west, then I came back to my home on my birthday. Many Korean people visited to celebrate birthday and friends made cheese cake for me. I had the happiest time. I received pretty big present from my friends and mother.

Therefore, I can’t forget this event in my life and I want to thank for my parents and my friends.

-By Goeun Choi
Writing Level 2


  1. You always have a very fun birthday party.


  2. Hello!

    How nice to spend time with your family. birthdays are always important, which should be unforgettable.

    Happy birthday!!

    Erica B.

  3. The best memories that we keep are those we can live with the people we love, I'm happy you enjoyed your birthday.