Wednesday, June 23, 2010

My Vacation

Last summer, I had a vacation that it was very exciting. As soon as I finished the first semester on my university, I thought about vacation. I had a vacation several times but the travel was very boring, so I wanted to have a vacation in a novel way.

I asked my neighborhood about a new way of vacationing. They suggested some advice to me. First, if you want to vacation, you must go with other people because a vacation is very dangerous to travel alone. Second, you ought to decide on the type of transportation. For example, will you take a bicycle, car, train or walk. Last of all, if you don’t want to forget it for your life, it must be very difficult, and it needs some risks.

So I accepted their advice and began to plan trips. First, I decided to ride by Bicycle because I wanted to go to any place where I could have some risks. Second, I decided to go with my friend. Last, I decided to travel on a coast road because my country is surrounded by three oceans, so has a many coast road.
In the end, I prepared my vacation. That travel was very exciting, had some risks, and I got a lot of experience. When I come back my country, I want to build other travel plans because the last trip was so fun;, I always think about that trip. If you don’t want to forget the travel for your life, you ought to make special plans.

-By Dalki Kim
Writing Level 2

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  1. Awesome! sounds good. I want to trevel by taking bycicle. your very healthy guy!

    - Go eun choi