Thursday, June 3, 2010

Write something that remains

My father was born and raised in the countryside. In that time, boys were engaged in work, not study. Already large and providing military service was when my father could learn to read and write well. At that time, he met a man who watched his interest in learning and gave some advice to my father and said "every day write a little something, write so that something good stays." My dad finished his high school, and being married with children, he entered college to study law. 

Today my father is a lawyer in addition to a writer. I remember when I left high school and I started college, my father told me that I should write something good that would remain, but at that time, I was very dedicated to art and crafts, and there was no time to write. 

Now I'm studying English and I write often, either what's on my mind or these wise words, and I try to write not only to express any opinion or emotion, but also to explain a topic. I wish I could leave a nice, positive message to those who read it. And believe it; I discovered that I can be a creative writer. It is not easy, but it's possible. In conclusion, when you have time, write anything, even only three lines so that something good can stay.

-By Wilma Medina
Kelly Zirker's level 2 writing class


  1. Thanks for share your experiencie. Could be a good heritage for our children.


  2. I really like the way you write about how your father influenced your life and writing. I think your writing is very creative and interesting to read.


  3. Hello!
    I love your story. These stories are the ones we leave marks in our lives. I also like to write and also want to be a writer someday. This is difficult but not impossible, it is my dream.
    Congratulations! You write very well!
    Erica B.