Monday, June 14, 2010

My Best Friend

My best friend's name is Ceceg. She is smart and beautiful. She has nice white teeth, long brown hair and big black eyes. I like her smile. When I was in high school, I met my friend first time.We were a friend since 1973. Ceceg was good at math when she was high school. She is smart because she was teacher for us. I remember when she was teaching math, my teacher sat down behind desk. Also, she likes sport. We played tennis and basketball together. After she finished school, she decided study at Russain's University in Moscow.

Ceceg is an engineer now. She has married, but her husband died last year from a car accident. She has three girls and one boy. Her kids grew up in Mongolia, so they helped her. She has been living in Mongolia with parents and her kids. I talk to her once or twice a month. Also, she likes to cook. She has been playing tennis since in 1980. Now she is working in the office.Finally, I am proud of my friend, and I miss her. I hope we'll meet soon then have a fun and happy time.

-By Oyunchimeg Dogmid
Writing level 2


  1. Hello!

    It is always good have friends. I have my friends almost all live in my country, I miss you.

    Erica B.

  2. I am missing my Korea friends.
    you also have good company. I'm sorry to your friend.