Monday, June 14, 2010

El Museo de Oro- The Gold Museum of Colombia

Colombia ( Bogota) has one of the most beautiful and complete gold art exhibitions in the world. It’s set up of about 36,000 pieces of pure gold from the pre-hispanic colonization in the American Continent at the discovery by Christophorus Colombus in 1492.

The local indians that used to live in this area were very well skilled in working in particular gold, and emeralds. It was so abundant that they made even gold hooks for fishing. Gold was very popular and easy to get those days. The first Spaniards that conquered our territory were simply amazed of the great wealth that they found. And they were very welcomed by the Indians.

As we all know, the outcome was a complete disaster for the local people. Destruction of the Indian population as a result of vandalism, ransack, murder, rape, etc. All this treasure ended up in Spain for the King and Queen. Luckily, part of this treasures were hidden and buried by the Indians.

The first people didn’t appreciate the art very much, and they melted all this gold pieces for it’s weight in the market. Then, other people with better education and better intentions started to collect it.  Finally, in 1939, the government took over and started collecting and protecting the new discoveries. This was then when the Gold Museum was born.

It became a must place to visit in Colombia. Lots and lots of tourists visit the museum all the time, to admire such a great culture and knowledge for art.  

-By Isabel Castro
Writing level 2

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